Taenyun Kim


PhD Student in Information and Media @ Michigan State University
kimtaeny@msu.edu / CV


Hello! I am Taenyun Kim (pronounced as "C"anyon but with "T") from Korea. I am a PhD student in Information and Media at Michigan State University.

I consider myself a "robopsychologist,"  like Dr. Susan Calvin in "I, Robot" by Isaac Asimov, meaning that I study the psychology of humans regarding artificial intelligence (AI) and robots (or vice versa!). I am interested in human-agent interaction (HAI). Here, "agents" mean AI and robots. I think AI and robots are newly emerging agents that we humans haven't encountered yet in our millions of years of evolutionary path. To me, AI and robots are the same as other agents like humans, dogs, god(s), or even Neanderthals. My specific research topics include laypeople's perceptions and folk theories of AI and robots, trust repair, and the morality of AI. However, my research is not only limited to AI and robots. I am interested in how technologies influence and extend our minds and bodies in general.

I am open to collaboration. Feel free to contact me!